Discover X-STREAM Bike and Adventure Park at The Thatch Café

The Bike Park has a variety of short circuit tracks for general bike fun and bike skill improvement.

X-stream w logoFor more information contact us on (011) 957 0109/0106
or make an online booking:


Age Range:

  • For Children and Adults 18 Months – 55+ Yrs.
  • Suitable for bicycle’s 12” – 29”
  • All riders regardless of their abilities may start on our beginner tracks.
  • Weather riders are learning to ride, or have never been in a like environment, all can ride there.


Children’s Tracks 18 months – 12yrs 12” – 20” tyre size
Pump Track 5 – 12 yrs 16” – 24” tyre size
Jump Track 8 yrs + 20” – 26” tyre size
BMX Track 6 yrs + 12” – 29” tyre size
Enduro – MTB Trail 8 yrs + Mountain Bike

Protective Wear:

We would suggest and prefer that you wear protective clothing whilst on the tracks. Please enquire at the X-Stream Balance shop for pricing and availability to purchase.


For further Bike Park queries please contact Chris – 083 225-6171

Operating Hours:

Weekends & Public Holidays:  07h00 – 17h00

Tuesday – Friday:  07h00 – 16h00

Kiddies Party Booking Enquiry Form

Book an unforgettable birthday party for your child at the Thatch Café

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Venue Hire Details - Compulsory

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Grass (Shade provided by tent on lawn area overlooking the Kiddies Bike Tracks)Veranda (Allocated demarcated area on the veranda overlooking the Kiddies Bike Tracks)Kiosk (Venue under roof in a demarcated area within the Kiosk – visual of the Kiddies Bike Tracks from a distance)

Catering Details - Optional

Below are catering options we can provide. Alternatively, if you would not like to choose any of the below options you are welcome to order from the Thatch Cafe menu on the day of the event.

Bringing your own food or picnic baskets are not allowed. All food and refreshments will be provided exclusively by the venue without exception.
Food Platters

IMPORTANT: Each platter feeds 8 - 10 People

Kiddies' Combos

Please indicate how many of each combo you would like to order:

Party Packs

(All party packs Includes: 1 x Juice, 1 x Packet of Chips, 1 x Sherbet, 2 x Fizzers, 2 x Suckers, 1 x Marshmallow Twist, 1 x Chomp, 4 x Small Sweets)

Track Rental Details - Optional

A great feature of the Thatch Cafe is the custom-designed and built bike park which offers a wonderful experience to children of all ages over 18 months.

How many people will be using the track?

Rules & Regulations:

  • No Music is allowed at the Venue
  • You are only permitted to provide your own cake & decorations for the kiddie’s parties. Any other food & beverages will be charged at an additional fee.
  • The Thatch Cafe is open from 07:00 – 17:00 with last order at 15h30 with the kitchen closing at 16:00

Q: Can we set up before the party?

A: You can setup on the day of the event, any time from 08:00 AM, but not before.

Q: Can we provide our own decor?

A: Yes, you can, but please ensure that you remove the decor before leaving the venue.

Q: Can we provide our own cake?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Do we have to choose any of the catering / food options on the booking enquiry form?

A: No, none of the catering / food options are compulsory.

Q: Can we order from the Thatch Cafe menu on the day of the party?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I bring my own food and refreshments?

A: No, own food and refreshments are not allowed. These will be provided exclusively by the venue.

Q: Can we hold exclusive Kiddies parties?

A: Unfortunately your party, although the section that you’ve booked is exclusive for your use, is hosted in a public area with other parties and you should take note that other parties may view and make use of your props & additions for example jumping castles, water slides, super hero’s etc. that you might choose to hire or provide for your children’s enjoyment.

Q: Is there a time limit on the party?

A: No, your party may start at 08h00 up to 16h30 where after you need to vacate the area in order for the staff to clean up.

Q: I’m not sure how many people will come – can I change the number of attendees after booking?

A: Yes, you can, but please note that we can only accept changes up until 5 (five) days before the event. Thereafter no changes will be accepted.

Q: Can I request a refund for the people who didn’t pitch for the event?

A: No. It is the responsibility of the booking party to ensure that we have the right specifications.

Q: Do I have to enter the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve to do bike rides at the Thatch Café – do I therefore have to pay an admission fee?

A: No – the Thatch Café is on the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve premises but you can enter the Thatch Café without having to pay the entry fees to the Reserve.

Thatch Menus for 2017

See below samples of the Thatch Menus you can use to order on the day of the event.

Food Menu

Drinks Menu