Discover X-STREAM Bike and Adventure Park at The Thatch Café

The Bike Park has a variety of short circuit tracks for general bike fun and bike skill improvement.

X-stream w logoFor more information contact us on (011) 957 0109/0106
or make an online booking:


Age Range:

  • For Children and Adults 18 Months – 55+ Yrs.
  • Suitable for bicycle’s 12” – 29”
  • All riders regardless of their abilities may start on our beginner tracks.
  • Weather riders are learning to ride, or have never been in a like environment, all can ride there.


Children’s Tracks 18 months – 12yrs 12” – 20” tyre size
Pump Track 5 – 12 yrs 16” – 24” tyre size
Jump Track 8 yrs + 20” – 26” tyre size
BMX Track 6 yrs + 12” – 29” tyre size
Enduro – MTB Trail 8 yrs + Mountain Bike

Protective Wear:

We would suggest and prefer that you wear protective clothing whilst on the tracks. Please enquire at the X-Stream Balance shop for pricing and availability to purchase.


For further Bike Park queries please contact Chris – 083 225-6171

Operating Hours:

Weekends & Public Holidays:  07h00 – 17h00

Tuesday – Friday:  07h00 – 16h00

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Rules & Regulations:

  • No Music is allowed at the Venue
  • You are only permitted to provide your own cake & decorations for the kiddie’s parties. Any other food & beverages will be charged at an additional fee.
  • The Thatch Cafe is open from 07:00 – 17:00 with last order at 15h30 with the kitchen closing at 16:00